Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Blockbuster Madness! Who Will Be #1?

I'll take my Summer hot with a side of Blockbuster. For movie fans, there are two distinct seasons: awards season and Summer time. And this Summer looks wildly fantastic! We've got non-stop action, mayhem, chaos, explosions, chases, monsters and zombies and Minions, oh my. While there is a wide variety of excellent movies to feast your eyes upon this season, the real heavy hitters are without doubt Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel. These movies will fo'sho' gross over $500M worldwide... easily. But which one will be this Summer's #1 Blockbuster? That answer remains to be seen. However, I do have my thoughts on the matter. Let the games begin...  

Director is back in the director's chair for the sequel to 2009's Star Trek, which was a massively popular hit and grossed over $385M worldwide. The whole crew is back for the sequel along with a few new faces and an intriguing new villain who is causing quite the stir online. Is it Khan? We shall see soon enough once it light speeds into theaters this weekend. I'm certainly excited for this film. I cannot wait to see it on the gigantic IMAX screen. This movie will easily top its predecessor in box office sales, no question.  
Release Date: 5/17/15 (3D/IMAX) 

Marve's Iron Man has already broken records, ranking in $174.1M opening weekend - a feat that would impress the likes of Tony Stark himself. This is the second highest domestic earning film, for an opening weekend, in box office history (second to The Avengers). Over all it's already cha-ching'd $980.3M. Tack on the 3D/IMAX element, back by one cocky, bad-A super hero and you've got yourself a blockbuster to be reckoned with. Still, it has one highly anticipated movie to beat to come in as #1. And as impressive as those earnings are (so far), I don't think it will pull it off. But we shall see.  
Release Date: 5/3/13 (3D/IMAX) 

While the former two movies will bring in their fair share of hot money, my bet for this Summer's #1 Blockbuster is on Man of Steel. Directed by and produced by Christopher Nolan, backed by an all star cast, including Henry Cavill as our man in red and blue, how can you lose. This Superman reboot looks like it’s doing everything just right. It's darker, grittier, more mysterious and just plain better than anything we've come to know from the squeaky-clean super hero. This movie definitely has what it takes to set "holy cow," ground breaking records. But we will find out for sure once Man of Steel flies into theaters mid-June.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this movie the most this Summer.  
Release Date: 6/14/13 (3D/IMAX) 

There you have it my fellow movie-mania nerds. My prediction for this Summer's #1 blockbuster. But no matter the outcome one thing is for certain, these three heavy hitters will definitely rank in the dough. The floor is now yours. Share with me which movie you think will be #1?...


Diane Argyle said...

Loved Iron Man 3. Can't wait for Star Trek and Man of Steel!

fred said...

With how much $$$ Iron Man 3 is making my money's on that one for sure. I am excited to see Man of Steel though.

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