Sunday, June 23, 2013

SoundWorks Collection Featurette on Man of Steel


Man of Steel has definitely been a main topic as of late, from talk of the sequel, to the last scene in the movie, the over examination of the death tole and destruction, all the way to the potential follow-up of Justice League. But rather than diving into all that, I'd like to focus your attention on this exclusive SoundWorks Collection, where we get some insight from the sound team for director 's new Superman reboot. This new featurette merely goes behind the scenes of the sound design and editing for the film that went into creating the audio behind all the action and chaos. It's pretty interesting to see how all the sound came together and what products were actually used to make the sounds. Check it out!

Superman flies back onto the big screen in this Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures production directed by Zack Snyder (The Watchmen), produced by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), and featuring a screenplay by David Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight). As the planet of Krypton crumbles, General Zod () stages a coup as concerned leader Jor-El () and his wife send their infant son Kal-El (Henry Cavill) to a distant world called Earth where he will grow to have super human strength and agility.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Blockbuster HOTTIES - 2013

The beauty that is Hollywood is back in full force this summer, with a few fresh faces that finally grace us with their stunning presence. Not only do we have some excellent blockbusters in store, but we also have a load of delicious eye candy to feast our eyes upon as well. Yep, summer is an excellent time for movies indeed.  And this season is bound to steam up crazy hot with these ten fine, sizzling-hot actors burning up the silver screen. Remember in order to make the cut one has to star in a Summer Blockbuster, be incredibly sexy and cool. Enjoy the beauty! 

*Mouth Watering-Bombshells*

She's one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood. And even though she may be Out of Your League, she's completely charming, humble and sweet. What's not to love about this 31 year old British, blonde bombshell. She's definitely one of the hottest girls in film. There are few girls out there as sexy and fun as her. Hot chicks everywhere strive to be her, while men everywhere want to date her. She definitely brought a certain spark to Star Trek Into Darkness, which is an excellent movie. You won't want to miss seeing it on the big screen.
Next Up: Cold Comes the Night out September 20th.

This sparkling diamond is one classic beauty. Aside from being absolutely stunning with her huge innocent blue eyes and flawless, milky skin, the four time Oscar nominated actress is one of the more down-to-earth actresses Hollywood has to offer. She has this girl-next-door vibe to her, yet can definitely vamp it up on the red carpet. She amazed us as Lois Lane in Man of Steel, which is an incredible movie. If you haven't seen it yet, EFF the critics, and go see it immediately! 
Next Up: Lullaby & Her both due out this fall.

It's hard to believe this sexy-lious actress is 43 years old - talk about excellent genes. The sex-kitten still oozes sex appeal where ever she goes. Her beautiful baby blues, her luscious, cherry lips and a wonderful smile are just a few requirements needed to get you to the top. And it's easy to see why this charming and sweet gem is here to stay. Be sure to check her out in The Hangover Part III as she shows off her mouth-dropping assets and comedic skills. 
Next Up: Behaving Badly, release date unknown 

This enchanting beauty of Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry, is absolutely beyond gorgeous. But she doesn't get by on those vapid hot chick roles alone. Opting instead, to play a pirate, an assassin, a blue alien, all the way to her latest butt kicking role as Uhura in this summer's smash hit Star Trek Into Darkness. A blockbuster you do not want to miss. It's easy to see why the stunning actress is dubbed the "it girl."
Next Up: Nina, out later this year.

This fierce, yet stunning mouth-watering bombshell is one tough chick. The 31 year old, Texas born, former martial arts fighter, turned actress is an utter knock-out. Superman is going to need all his superpowers to deal with this feisty beauty. Most men want to date her,
while most women want to be her (if only for boyfriend Henry Cavill). This bombshell exudes confidence and strength which is extremely sexy. She blew our minds away in Fast & Furious 6 with some of the most badass fight scenes in movie history. Wouldn't want to piss this sexy-dame off. 
Next Up: In the Blood, out later this year.

*Lip Smacking-Eye Candy*

He is beyond famous - his status as a movie star, humanitarian, sex symbol, and father have transformed him into a global icon. Trying to justify his sex appeal is like trying to explain why the sky is blue. It just is. We don't question it, we don't debate it, we just accept it. So it's easy to see why Empire magazine listed him as one of the 25 sexiest movie stars of all time, as if that even matters. And aside from being blessed genetically, he is a gifted actor, a scholar of architecture, a doting dad and a selfless philanthropist. Be sure to check him out as he attempts to save the world from zombies in  World War Z
Next Up: 12 Years a Slave, out December 26th.

It's hard to fully resist this amazing and incredibly sexy talent. Even if we hadn't grown up with Leo's career, the contemporary Leo would be good enough. His career continues to ensnare us year after year, like a mystical plan devised by a still-unknown intergalactic enemy, and we're absolutely helpless. It's hard to believe this gorgeous play-boy hasn't won an Oscar yet. (CURSE YOU, ACADEMY!) As always he amazed us in his portrayal as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.
Next Up: The Wolf of Wall Street out November 15th.   

With a killer body and a charming persona it's near impossible to ignore this smokin’ hot, charismatic actor. What else can be said about this guy other than he's incredibly intelligent, talented, scorchingly sexy, witty, and without doubt hilarious? Nothing, I guess. I feel safe in declaring him one of our national treasures. There is little doubt that both Hollywood and the world in general are a better place thanks to his presence. Be sure to catch him in the hit comedy This Is the End, which is getting rave reviews. 
Next Up: Child of God, release date unknown.

There are so many great things to say about this (beyond) gorgeous, 30 year old, British actor. The last son of Krypton is going to be HUGE, no doubt about it. He is definitely one of the hottest actors Hollywood has to offer to its female (and male) fan base. With a killer body and a charming persona it's impossible to ignore this smokin’ hot, charismatic actor. His sultry gaze and incredible smile can render females helpless in a matter of seconds. But sorry ladies, he's unfortunately taken (currently dating the lovely Gina Carano). He absolutely killed it as Superman in Man of Steel, which is an incredibly RAD movie! EFF the critics!  and go see it now.
Next Up: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., release date unknown.

Reprising his role as the cocky, yet brilliant Captain Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise in this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness, the handsome leading man for sure has both sexes drooling over those breathtaking blue eyes and that lip-smackin’ body that just won’t quit. This heart-throb has guys and girls all over the world screaming for more. He's definitely a thing of beauty and embodies style and grace with the up-most  confidence and humility.
Next Up:  Jack Ryan, out December 25th. 

With this kind of stunning beauty infiltrating our movie theaters this summer it's going to be hard to stay away. The floor is now yours. Share with me some of your favorite summer blockbuster hotties...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel Review

"How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks? For some, he was a guardian angel. To others, a ghost who never quite fit in." To the rest of us, he's this summer's most highly anticipated, action-packed blockbuster.

Man of Steel does not disappoint and definitely delivers on every account with thunderous applause. This blockbuster is a fun roller coaster ride of suspense and action, complete with stellar performances and one glorious score. It's a lot less cartoony than one might expect from director  (300, The Watchmen, Sucker Punch). This realistic (red underpants-free) take on the iconic superhero is darker in tone and texture, it feels fresh yet familiar, believable yet still fantastical and otherworldly. This is a familiar tale told extremely well, with effective flash-backs, an excellent back story, and holds enough angst to feel completely modern.

For those who don’t know the story, Superman is born Kal-El, and is from the planet Krypton. However, due to the government's poor management of natural resources the planet is doomed. Krypton's military leader, General Zod () responds to this news by forming a rebellion. In the meantime, its top scientist Jor-El () has arranged for his newly born son, Kal-El, to fly far-off in a tiny spaceship set for Earth, just before the world self-destructs.  Jor-El is fully aware his boy will have superpowers on Earth due to differing suns, but welcomes the challenge in hopes his son will be a beacon of hope for us to strive for. What makes this "savior-to-be" so special is that Krypton grows their children artificially and Kal-El, by contrast, was the product of the planet's first "natural" birth in centuries — i.e., he is a uniquely non-immaculate conception. 

Fast forward to Earth about 30 years later, where an incredibly handsome drifter known as Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), makes his way across Canada, jumping from oil rigs, truck-stops to military bases all the while looking for answers about his origin. He struggles to find out who he really is, what's his purpose and what to do with these incredible powers.  Eventually, he finds many of these answers in an old Kryptonian spaceship that projects a hologram of his late father. But a persistent, yet brilliant reporter, Lois Lane () also finds him, and he pleads with her to keep his identity unknown.

The question of whether or not Clark should reveal himself to humankind is soon rendered moot, however, by the arrival of another spaceship. Enter General Zod. It's here where we learn of his demands, Kal-El better surrender himself soon or watch the Earthlings suffer his wrath.

While the movie isn't perfect, it's still one amazing superhero spectacle of the highest level. There's no question that this is a quality, big budget summer blockbuster. It delivers amazing special effects and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Its 143 minute running time may seem long, but the action rarely slows down. I found the the relationship between Lois Lane and Kal-El/Clark Kent to be pure genius. In the film’s boldest move, Snyder dispenses with the Lois Lane/Superman/Clark Kent charade by having Lois figure out the Kent-Superman connection early on, freeing him up to develop their chemistry further (which to me felt a little forced and rushed, but whatever). They did an excellent job setting it up for future installments, but it’s the story here that really impresses. It’s good to have Superman back. 

Man of Steel, by any measure, is a far better film than Bryan Singer's 2006 reboot, Superman Returns - better cast, better costumes, better action, better script, better direction and all around better storytelling.

Tell me your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Internship Review

The Internship  delivers a few laughs here and there, but basically it's just a two hour recruitment ad for Google. It seriously seems to be the greatest and most relaxed workplace environment ever. The headquarters’ atrium looks like the world’s largest preschool, with toys and pillows strewn about the comfortable seating areas, free food and drinks in the lobby’s coffee bar, nap pods and company bicycles etc. But I digress, ever since Vaughn and Wilson charmed us with their buddy comedy antics in Wedding Crashers people have been jonesing for these two to reunite. After all the two seem to work so effortlessly on screen together. One may question why it has taken eight long years for the pair to team up again. 

This time around Billy () and Nick () start off as watch salesmen who unfortunately find themselves out of work after their boss (John Goodman) shuts down the business. Nick briefly finds employment at a mattress store, but quickly drops that job like a bad habit as soon as Billy tells him they landed an internship at Google headquarters in California. Miraculously they manage to get their feet in the door, but they now find themselves competing with numerous other interns for permanent positions. And unlike them, the other recruits are young college kids who eat, drink and breathe computers. 
I really wanted to love this movie, but the predicable and sometimes cheesy comedy is quite forgettable.  And while it did entrain (for the most part) most of the movie ended up being one sloppy, hot mess. A scene where Billy and Nick take their introverted, socially inept teammates to a rowdy strip club drags on forever, with montage upon montage of them boozing it up. It’s as if the filmmakers couldn’t come up with any other bonding scenes for these characters, so they just made one scene extra-long, hoping we wouldn’t notice (er, too late). The laziness in this movie was at times pretty incredible. The Internship is a hard movie to really hate, but it’s not a particularly easy one to like either.

What did you think?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy 50th, Johnny!

It's hard to believe that the talented and lovely Johnny Depp hits the half-century mark today. The Kentucky native is showing no signs of slowing down as he enters his sixth decade. John Christopher Depp II was born June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky. Just to give you an idea how long ago that was (ahem, sorry Johnny), JFK was assassinated that year, gasoline was 29 cents a gallon and Martin Luther King gave his famous "I have a dream" speech.  But I must say, the gorgeous Mr. Depp doesn't look a day over 35 - excellent genes, I suppose.  Between Depp, Brad Pitt (49), Tom Cruise (50) and George Clooney (52), it's looks like 50 is the new 30 for Hollywood leading men these days.  
Here's to one of Hollywood's most talented, versatile, crazy, down to Earth actors. Spanning from the hit TV series, 21 Jump Street to The Lone Ranger, out later this summer, this chameleon has done it all. He embodies every role he takes - transcending them if you will. He's done a fantastic job of making a career out of playing odd ball, lovable characters. And he does it with such grace and humility too, which is why he is one of the most beloved actors in the business.

He definitely oozes charm and charisma in everything he says and does, and we love him for that. But what's even more impressive is that he has the ability to make us forget we’re even watching a Johnny Depp movie. A true talent. You can definitely see he thoroughly enjoys his craft. 
He is without doubt one of my all time favorite actors and I look forward to seeing what's in store for him in the future. Thanks Johnny, for bringing us some of the best entertainment and talent Hollywood has to offer. Hats off to you!
Some of my all time favorite Depp movies include: Chocolat, Blow, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Benny & Joon, and the forever classic Edward Scissorhands. The birthday boy is currently filming  Transcendence and Into the Woods which will be released some time next year, 2014. 

What are some of your favorite Johnny Depp films?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Runner, Runner Trailer


Can't say I'm too thrilled with the name of this movie, but it's nice to see come into his own and take the lead as the big screen villain.  Runner, Runner is a new crime thriller from the Lincoln Lawyer director , which follows a college student who gets caught up in the corrupt world of online gambling after he tracks down a site that cheated him out of a big poker win.

A businessman () with an offshore online gambling operation recruits curious, struggling college student Richie Furst () to join his little world after he discovers the corrupt nature of his business. Promised a life of luxury, Richie takes the opportunity, but finds himself in trouble when the FBI turns him into an informant. Anthony Mackie, Gemma Arterton and Ben Schwartz also star in the film which will hit theaters September 27, 2013

Look any good?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now You See Me Review

Now You See Me is one grand spectacle of razzle-dazzle proportions, nothing more, nothing less.  But beneath all its glitz and glam, this magic-themed comedy/thriller is still highly entertaining.   If you're a fan of magic and like Ocean’s Eleven, there's no reason to believe you wouldn't like this movie as well. 

We begin our story with a few introductions:  Danny Atlas, a cocky card shark (), Henley Reeves, a sassy escape artist (), Merritt McKinney, a sly slick hypnotist/mentalist () and Jack Wilder, a pickpocketing/safe-cracker ().  Each of them receive a cryptic tarot card that directs them to a mysterious rundown Manhattan apartment where they receive a holographic blueprint for an incredible magic act.

Skip ahead one year and we see that they have teamed up, became somewhat famous and are known as The The Four Horseman. While doing a show in Vegas they seemingly rob a bank in Paris which ultimately results in their arrest shortly there after, at which time they encounter FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (), a tough, by-the-books kinda of guy who does not believe in the magic they are selling.  

So how did the Four Horseman pull off this nifty trick? Enter Thaddeus Bradley (), the man who makes a living off foiling magicians magics tricks and selling them to the masses. He soon partners up with the FBI to help debunk their magic scheme.  All the neat little ticks and thrills take off from there. 

Visually, the film has a great sense of style with enough moments where you're not quite sure if they are doing real magic or just tricks.   Although there isn't a ton of action in the movie, mostly a couple chase sequences and a cool magic-enhanced fight scene between Ruffalo and Franco near the end. It's a surprisingly calm film from director whose specialty has been big action blockbusters.

I will say it does become a bit too much near the end.  The schemes and plans are just too elaborate at times.  There is no way a group of four people could pull off such intricate schemes that rely too much on luck, circumstance and long range planning and have it all come together perfectly in the end.  Even for a movie, this isn’t all that realistic.  Also, I wanted a little more clarification as to what their real "prize" was in the end?  Is magic real? “Magic is deception done to delight, entertain and inspire.”  Even though there were a few unanswered questions in the end, I felt this movie did exactly that.  I found myself smiley throughout the entire movie.


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