Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Internship Review

The Internship  delivers a few laughs here and there, but basically it's just a two hour recruitment ad for Google. It seriously seems to be the greatest and most relaxed workplace environment ever. The headquarters’ atrium looks like the world’s largest preschool, with toys and pillows strewn about the comfortable seating areas, free food and drinks in the lobby’s coffee bar, nap pods and company bicycles etc. But I digress, ever since Vaughn and Wilson charmed us with their buddy comedy antics in Wedding Crashers people have been jonesing for these two to reunite. After all the two seem to work so effortlessly on screen together. One may question why it has taken eight long years for the pair to team up again. 

This time around Billy () and Nick () start off as watch salesmen who unfortunately find themselves out of work after their boss (John Goodman) shuts down the business. Nick briefly finds employment at a mattress store, but quickly drops that job like a bad habit as soon as Billy tells him they landed an internship at Google headquarters in California. Miraculously they manage to get their feet in the door, but they now find themselves competing with numerous other interns for permanent positions. And unlike them, the other recruits are young college kids who eat, drink and breathe computers. 
I really wanted to love this movie, but the predicable and sometimes cheesy comedy is quite forgettable.  And while it did entrain (for the most part) most of the movie ended up being one sloppy, hot mess. A scene where Billy and Nick take their introverted, socially inept teammates to a rowdy strip club drags on forever, with montage upon montage of them boozing it up. It’s as if the filmmakers couldn’t come up with any other bonding scenes for these characters, so they just made one scene extra-long, hoping we wouldn’t notice (er, too late). The laziness in this movie was at times pretty incredible. The Internship is a hard movie to really hate, but it’s not a particularly easy one to like either.

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