Monday, December 16, 2013

Filmography 2013

Source: SlashFilm

I'm such a fan of these year-end, movie mash-ups. I know I've already posted two prior to this one, but I can't help myself. This video crafted by Filmography 2013 from Gen Ip just might be my favorite one yet. It's filled with inspiring tracks mingled in with this years movies like The Croods, Frozen, Upside Down, Fast & Furious 6, Thor: The Dark Work and much more. This is one fantastical piece of work. Have a look for yourself. Enjoy!

As Gen Ip says, "Words are life,' says Max in 2013's The Book Thief, and indeed they hold us together and to help us share that transcendent phenomenon that is life. This video takes 300 of this year's films and distills it into a 7-minute exploration of the ideas we keep coming back to: the purpose of life, the nature of evil, the mystery of death, the power of love, and the inevitability of time." Well said. You can find a list of all the music on the video's YouTube page right here, and a complete list of film clips over here. 

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