Monday, December 9, 2013

Final Cut 2013 - Life Without Movies...

Source: Nick Bosworth

What would life without movies actually look like? Well, from this year-end, movie mash-up, I know what it wouldn't look like.  This stellar video from Nick Bosworth from titled Final Cut 2013 is amazing.  It's hard to disagree with his opening line "Life without movies is impossible." This is one stylish venture back in time, using 283 films from this year.  It's pretty impressive to say the least. We see clips from This is The End to Dallas Buyers Club, The Great Gastby Review, 12 Years a Slave, Man of Steel, Her, Fast & Furious 6, The Wolf of Wall Street, Oblivion and many more.  Even though this is just under 8 1/2 minutes, it's definitely worth your time.  See for yourself...

Here's what the video's editor, Nick Bosworth, had to say: 
 "It was another excellent year of cinema and we're not even done yet by a long shot. From 'Gravity' to 'Nebraska,' every genre has been re-defined with amazing new films that I have no doubt will be loved for many years to come. So in tradition as I've done for the past two years, I've put together this huge mashup of 283 films from the year for everyone to enjoy. There was plenty of sleepless nights with this one but it was all worth it in the end and I hope you all think so as well." 
I love watching these year-end movie mash-ups.  Very creative and somewhat inspiring.  What did you think?


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