Monday, February 24, 2014

Endless Love Review

"Say Goodbye to Innocence" is the movie's tag line, more like say goodbye to the plot.  As long as you don't think too much about it you have a good chance of enjoying this movie for what it intended to be - a passionate love story.  And even though this remake is far superior to the original, it's still easily forgettable, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to love this movie, but I suppose I'll settle for: "meh, it was alright." Endless Love is based on a novel, but its story bears little resemblance to the book, which is fine by me because that story-line was unforgivably lame.

We begin our story at the end of senior year of high school where we are introduced to our two love birds. David Elliot () who is a delinquent valet at a ritzy hotel has had his eye on his beautiful, rich classmate Jade Butterfield () for four years. He finally gets the nerve to talk to her when her family pays a visit to the hotel where David works. From there the two embark on a summer romance and fall madly in love. Of course this goes against the wishes of Jade’s father Hugh (), cue the drama. If daddy has his way, Jade will follow him into medicine and he's not about to let some blue collar, bum put that in jeopardy. Faster than you can say move over Edward and Bella, David and daddy go head to head in a heated battle that is destined to end with David behind bars. Regardless, David and Jade will stop at nothing to be together (awe).

Pettyfer and Wilde aren’t asked to do much other than show up and look pretty for the camera and give speeches about what love means to them. At seventeen, of course they know all about it. I do love how the two end up making each other better people though. Jade helps David realize his true potential, while David helps Jade loosen up and enjoy life. But the story, as a whole, is a bit of a hot mess. After their first encounter we're made to believe they're already madly in love (hmmm). Alas, I felt there were some strong performances, which helped mask some of the ridiculousness. I didn't love this movie, however, I didn't hate it either. Would I watch it again if it was on TV?... sure, why not. 

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