Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oscar Hangover - 2014

Was it me or did the Oscars seem a little lackluster this year. Even though I thought Ellen did an OK job, I expected a lot more from her. The whole show was a little "been there done that." In other words, it was more or less a complete rerun of her 2007 hosting gig, (Am I right, or am I right... or am I right). I love Ellen, but she just seemed a little stiff and bored.  Her opening monolog was entirely too short/non existent, which was disappointing. No song and dance numbers mingled in between the show.  No skits of any kind for that matter. The pizza thing was "cute," but seemed more fun for the actors rather than the viewers. 

The theme of the night was "heroes," which was nice to honor our heroes in film, but that was about it. There were no surprises. Everyone knew who was going to win weeks before the big night. But that said, I still enjoyed myself do to my love for movies. I threw a fantastic party and my guests and I had a lovely time regardless. 

And the Oscar goes to... 

Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave

Best Director: for Gravity

for Blue Jasmine
for Dallas Buyers Club
for 12 Years a Slave
for Dallas Buyers Club

~Color Me Beautiful~
On to the fashion... Sure, the Oscars are meant for honoring the greatest achievements in film, and while it does exactly that, every fashionista knows it's all about the dresses. The fashion on this night is just as important and fun as the movies themselves. And while I didn't have much to say about the actual show, I certainly had a lot to say about the night's fashion. Finally a year where all the stops were pulled out. Gorgeous, couture gowns coming in left and right. It was difficult to choose the best of the best, but here are my picks for Best and Worst Dressed. 

~Best in Show~ 
WOW! This is what perfection looks like. Sure, she may have not been nominated this year, but the lovely Kate Hudson definitely wins Best in Show, hands down.  She looked absolutely regal in this jaw dropping silver Atelier Versace stunner, inspired by the 40’s.  Her hair and makeup was flaw-less. The matching clutch and cape by the same the designer, matched with Neil Lane gems was a brilliant added touch as well. 
Runner Ups...
Charlize Theron was her usual stunning self (as if we’d expect anything less).  She completely rocked this unique black Christian Dior haute couture gown and accessorized with Harry Winston jewels and Christian Louboutin shoes.  Her hair and makeup were simplistically beautiful  - her entire look sizzled on the red carpet.  

The Oscar winner of the night, Lupita Nyong'o, dazzled us with this custom-made gown by Prada.  Her light blue dress had a Grecian vibe to it (I loved how it shimmered in the light).  She polished off her look with exquisite Fred Leighton jewels, satin platform sandals, a matching clutch, and a custom made headband.

Best After Party Gown:
Christine Teigen looked very Jessica Rabbit in this sultry black  sparkly, satin dress by Naeem Khan from the designer's Fall 2014 collection with a plugning sweetheart neckline and high leg slit. Gorgeous!

~Worst in Show~ 

Remember that time Julie Roberts wore that weird shirt/dress combo to the the 2014 Golden Globe Awards?  Yeah, I wasn't a fan of it then and I'm certainly not a fan of it now.  What. Was. She. Thinking?!  I love you Whoopi, but this is completely unflattering and  without a doubt unforgivable.

Runner Ups... 
Liza Liza Liza... The Oscars aren't a pajama party.  If you're going to don the red carpet you could at least put on a bar and my goodness at the very least pretend to care.  You should fire your stylist immediately or perhaps he/she quit after seeing you had your heart set on this... "outfit."  Seriously?

Anna Kendrick (sigh), I adore you and think you're a wonderful actress, but come. on.  You're better than this.  To put in nicely this is one schizophrenic, hot mess.  It's seriously trying to be too many things all at once.  Three words: Dee-Sah-Ster.

Like I said, I love Ellen and even though I thought she did an OK job, I wish she would have brought something new to her game; i.e. included a couple funny skits, added a few song and dance numbers etc.  For a full list of the big night's winners click here.  My vote for next year's host is the loveable and completely original and hilarious Jimmy Fallon.   Can you just imagine the possibilities?! #Amazing #JustinTimberlake #WeShallSee. The floor is now yours. Tell me what you thought of Oscar night? Also, who made your best and worst list in the fashion department?


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