Sunday, June 15, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

There’s just something cool about a prequel. It’s always interesting seeing how the story really began. And when done right a prequel can sometimes surpass a sequel.      And while X-Men: Days of Future Past doesn't quite match the success of X2, it ends up being a worthy contender and manages to deliver one powerful punch.  It certainly helps that director is back in toe. I'm not talking about the guy who brought us those snooze-fest, stinkers like Superman Returns and Jack the Giant Slayer, but rather the director who brought us the amazing Usual Suspects, X1 and X2.

For those who don't know (ahem: where've you been), this movie is a time travel movie, and more times than not (save a few) time travel movies tend to lack in every possible, confusing way.  But in this case the time travel logic is sounds, thought out and makes perfect sense.  

The film largely does what it sets out to do, by turning out another crowd-pleasing comic-book film designed to bring in new fans while satisfying the old ones.  With its mind-boggling premise and jaw-dropping cast, Days Of Future Past meets every great expectation. You will not be disappointed with the action sequences, costumes, set designs and the ever so stellar special effects. It's essentially one big jigsaw, which fits together beautifully in a wondrous puzzle in the end.

It features a masterful blend of humor, wit, wisdom and fun character development.  But what I liked most about this film was the underlining massage that not everyone is always 100% bad, nor 100% good.  We have a little of both in all of us.  And much like Marvel's latest movies the source materials are topics that are still relevant in the world today.


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