Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get Your Retrospective On - Movies of 2014

Source: Firstshowing
"Come and get your love." Man, I love this time of year! Christmas is just around the corner, everyone is nicer to each other, the seasonal music is blaring, the pretty lights are glowing, and movie mash-ups come flowing in like madness, not to mention lists of the Best Movie Trailers and Films of 2014. In case you haven't seen many movies this year I say this: "What's the matter with you, but more importantly... you're in luck." Check out this recap, the latest impressive compilation of clips from films ranging from Birdman, Guardians of the Galaxy to Unbroken. Nick Kinder went through great lengths to make this extra special too by using dialogue cleverly matched with the right clips.  Check it out and enjoy!
Here's what Kinder had to say about 2014: 
"Diverse is an understatement when referring to the movies of 2014. The year held such a range for films in such a range of genres and styles. They were bold, they were risky, they were awesome. Not in recent memory has a year for film been so generous. Looking back is a pleasure to the memory; there was so much offered, so much to see, and so much to love. I wanted to focus this time on the aspects of humanity, inspiration, and especially love, as I found 2014 cinema to be heavily influenced on these topics." 
For a list of music, check out the video's YouTube page, and see all of the movies used in the video here

How many movies did you see this year?!


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