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Top 10 Best & Worst Movies of 2014

This is where it's at folks - The best of the best and worst of the worst. Here lies my reasonings behind my Top Ten Best & Worst Movies of 2014. Even though last year wasn't nearly as impressive as previous years, particularly in comparison to 2013 (click here for 2013's picks), it still proved note-worthy non-the-less. 

Sadly there were quite a few movies I didn't get to in time - American Sniper, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Boyhood, Birdman, Wild, Transcendence, Into the Woods, The Imitation Game and A Most Violent Year. Who knows what these lists would have looked like if I had. 

*Worst of the Worst* 

Dishonorable Mentions: 
Veronica Mars
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
The Other Woman

10. Winter's Tale:
A good time travel movie is hard to come by. And best seller author deserved much better than this jumbled-up, confusing story. It lacked heart and real substance. Take my advice and read the book instead, which is undoubtedly much more worthy of your time. 

9. 3 Days to Kill
Where do I even begin? I’ll start with the embarrassing, cover-your-eyes, barely-there plot that’s completely predictable and end with the grainy cinematography that makes everything appear bleak and hollow. These are all valid complaints. However, the worst part about this lame action flick is the shame of how cool it thinks it really is. Sort of like the class dork posing as the class clown. 

8. The Best of Me
Romance definitely sells at the box office, and this movie is exactly the atypical romantic tearjerker to be expected from an Adaption of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Now I'm not immune to the pleasures of a terrific romance - The Notebook is among my favorites. But pulling off a successful romance requires good writing, and a good storyline with depth. Something this movie completely forgot to add. 

7. The Babadook
It astounds me this nut-job of a movie made so many peoples best list. What looked terrifying and intriguingly cool, ended up being one. big. hot-mess. A.) It's not even scary (false advertizement). B.) It disappoints with its lack of lame explanations. Even the OK acting couldn't save this bore-snore movie. I expected more and I got less... much, much less. 

6. Amazing Spider-Man 2:
It bugged too many people to tears with its attempt at a fiercely cool sequel. While the first movie was surprisingly "amazing," its successor was much too convoluted at best. If you're looking for a good superhero movie, save your time and money and watch The Guardians of the Galaxy or X-Men: Days of Future Past instead.

5. RoboCop
Ugh! Dead or alive, you're going to hate this pointless remake. First of all, was the original Robocop even good enough to warrant a remake in the first place? I know it was major for its time, but here's what... it had its hey-day. Been there, done that. Time to hang up the franchise and let it dry. 

4. Noah
Did I walk into a Lord of the Rings movie? Because I'm confused here. Also, wasn't Noah a worthy man called of God? So why was he this murderous, drunken, hateful jerk? The only good thing that came out of this movie was Jennifer Connelly's stellar performance. She always blows me away. The rest of the movie, though,... just blows. 

3. Blended
The movie seemed to exist solely so and his friends could go on a free trip to Africa at our expense. Not only does it lack true comedic performances and whit, but it was blatantly offensive to the native Africans, not to mention it's just ridiculously stupid. 

2. Pompeii:
Yeah, I liked this movie the first time... when it was called Gladiator. If the movie's goal was to showcase 's (Game of Thrones) pecs then they succeeded victoriously. 's British accent was so laughable my eyes got a cramp from all the eye-rolling. This "love" story is boring, murky and preposterous at best. 

And last year’s #1, all time sucker-punch-doozie, which claimed its title with the greatest of ease, is none other than… 

1. Transformers: Age of Extinction
I think I got whiplash from all the head banging against the back of my seat from the idiotic plots and subplots. An action movie doesn’t have to be clever to be good. But it shouldn’t be this dumb. The plot is deceptively simple, despite being turned into an incomprehensible, drawn-out, hot mess. But if plot is what you're after, what are you doing at a Michael Bay movie in the first place?

*Best of the Best* 

Honorable Mentions: 
Edge of Tomorrow
The Lego Movie
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

10. The Theory of Everything:
The uphill struggle of world renowned genius Stephen Hawking is soulful and inspiring, backed by outstanding, visceral performances by and . It's a story about romance, love and enduring/over coming life's trials and challenges, but above all... it's a story about hope.
"While there is life, there is hope."

9. How to Train Your Dragon 2
HTTYD2 is a phenomenal movie, filled with more emotion, intensity, action, adventure, humor, and depth than its predecessor.  It's safe to say this is one of the best sequels Hollywood has produced in a very long time. Plus it speaks volumes to any age group.  
"Well, now you know where I get my dramatic flair."

8. X-Men: Days of Future Past: 
As I said above, good time travel movies are hard to come by, but when it works is soars.  Case and point. Sure it's not as powerful as X-2, but it's still a wondrous whirlwind of X-Men proportions.  The actors are fantastic.  and still deliver amazing performances, meanwhile and give their reflections in the same excellent manner.
"Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever."
7. Guardians of the Galaxy:
Marvel succeeds yet again and with flying colors no less.  It's no wonder it was one of the most successful films last year, ranking in a whopping $772.M worldwide.  It’s clever, it’s funny, the soundtrack is killer, it focuses on all characters instead of singling out just one, and it made  a household name.
"Well that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times. What is wrong with Giving Tree here?"

6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
What makes this movie undoubtedly noteworthy are the spectacular visual effects. Those apes looked so real, by the end of the movie you start to think it's a documentary. But it doesn't rely on visuals alone. It has a surprisingly large amount of depth, it's well written and it has a good story that doesn't drag out, but rather builds with tension beautifully.  There's so much unexpected compassion it's quite unnerving. 
"Home. Family. Future."


5. Gone Girl
It's a film. 'Nough said. Ficher’s Adaption of  ’s best-seller is seriously one slick, manipulative, cool-looking, erotic thriller, all backed by some stellar performances.  One of the few adaptions that matches the source material to perfection. This movie is flawless.
"Whoever took her is bound to bring her back."

4. Big Eyes
takes us back to the 50's in this true story about a painter (Margaret Keane), who's husband takes credit for her artwork. Not only do we get one of Burton's best films since Big Fish, but some of the best performances from the likes of and . Seriously they will blow your mind. The bright colors, the camera angles, consumes and set designs... nothing short of brilliant. 
"Sweep the gutters before the taste police arrive."

3. Unbroken
The true account of  Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete, who found his courage as he was sorely tested in a Japanese POW camp is seriously breathtaking and inspirational. took the daunting task of turning Laura Hillenbrand's best seller into one of her finest pieces of film work to date. And it follows the book rather well, without suffocating the source material. Note: bring a tissue box with you when you see it. 
"If you can take it, you can make it."

2. Selma
Riveting and powerful, Selma delivers gloriously, and will without a doubt be nominated for many Oscar's this coming season. (who also had bit roles in A Most Violent Year and Interstellar) completely transformed into Dr. King himself. It wouldn't surprise me if he won Best Actor. He was phenomenal, as was the rest of his supporting cast. 
"We're not asking - we're demanding! Give us the vote!"

It was a real toss-up as to which two films would wind up in 1st place, with the decision hanging in the air until the very last minute. 's riveting exploration of the 1965 voting-rights march from Selma was profoundly extraordinary, but it's Christopher Nolan’s visually stunning Interstellar that won me over in the end. 

1. Interstellar
's space odyssey was so unique and so gripping, you will leave the theater wanting more. The film's score was tantalizing and the acting preferences top-notch. But what's even more impressive is how you manage to stay completely enthralled the entire two hours and fifty minutes. I know it's about space and finding a new frontier for humankind, but more than that it's a story about relationships. And the deeper they dove into those relationships the more you fall in love with this epic thrill ride. Truly a cinematic wonder.
"Love is the one thing that transcends time and space."

Did your favorite movie of the year make the list? Something I missed? Let me know what your Best and Worst films of 2014 were...


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I love your top picks for 2014 - Lego Movie and Edge of Tomorrow were total surprises.

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