Saturday, January 2, 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


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The record breaking weekend for Star Wars proves the franchise still has amazing power and magic. In just under three weeks the sleek, action-packed, space opera has already grossed a whopping $1.39B worldwide (That's billion, folks, with a capital 'B'). But put all that aside you still have a killer story backed by an outstanding cast. The Force is definitely awake with this one. 

Director , an expert director of Sci-Fi, was definitely the ideal director for this material. He did the impossible. He took one of the most iconic and beloved stories in the history of pop-culture and delivered with thunderous applause - not an easy feat to accomplish. He kept the feel and vibe of the original series and carried it into the next generation, advancing the story with ease and massive intrigue. About an hour into the movie we welcome visitors from the olden days. Han Solo, looking slightly ragged but still game, and Chewbacca, his devoted companion, burst into the Millennium Falcon uttering the words; “Chewie, we’re home.” Devotees will no doubt tearfully cheer.

The Force Awakens starts with the good guys on the run and the new rebellion desperately searching for the last remaining Jedi - Luke Skywalker - to help them destroy the First Order. He’s been in hiding for many year now, and no one can find him. The First Order also wants him, and it’s a race to see who gets to Skywalker first. The hero is a young woman this time around, a scavenger named Rey who lives on a desert planet where people trade scrap metal for food. She’s deadly with a sword, fast on her feet, able to pilot all manner of spaceships and as it turns out a she-devil with a light saber. 

There’s no doubt Mr. Abrams himself is a true Star Wars fan. You can tell he poured his heart and soul into this project to give fans exactly what they wanted. He cowrote the movie with veterans  (“Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”) and  (Oscar winner for “Little Miss Sunshine”). Together the three filled the film with amazing action sequences, a great blend of old and new characters to help bring this story back to life. Finn and Rey, played by  and   are perfectly cast and up for the job of breathing new life into the franchise. It was incredibly fun getting to see  and  return to their classic characters too. With their presence it gave the film an amazing amount of nostalgia. But more importantly The Force Awakens has a suburb story-line. Sure, there were many similarities to that of the original (A New Hope) and the music, composed by legendary composer John Williams could have been a lot more prominent, but overall I thoroughly and utterly enjoyed my movie experience. It tugs on every emotion without fail. I highly recommend seeing this movie in 3D IMAX.  Well worth the few extra bucks. Movies just don’t get any more fun than this. And there’s more to come!  
Rating: A


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