Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Oscar Nominees for Best Cinematography - 2016 Video Montage

Source: Vimeo

This year is a hard-hitting race, no question. There are a slew of extremely impressive talent to consider. But it's safe to say the top two contenders for Best Cinematography are Emmanuel Lubezki and Roger Deakins. While I think Deakins should win, my money is on Lubezki who shot using only natural light. This video montage features some of the very best shots from all five of this year's Best Cinematography nominees. Have a look-see...
Oscar Nominees 2016 - Cinematography from Vic Rincon on Vimeo.

Music is found by Kerry Muzzey and Carmen Habanera by Georges Bizet. This beautiful mashup of all the film's nominated for Cinematography include: 
Mad Max: Fury Road - John Seale
The Revenant - Emmanuel Lubezki (he won the last two years)
Sicario - Roger Deakins (his 13th nomination!)
Carol - Edward Lachman
The Hateful Eight - Robert Richardson (filmed in ultra-wide panavision)

Who do you think will take the gold?  


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