Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oscar Nominees for Best Costume Design - 2016 Video Montage

Source: Vimeo

It's been a long while since the Oscars have been 'this' unpredictable, and I like it! I love Oscar Week! With only a few days to go you bess get your Oscar pools ready. Despite the arguments, debates, and discussion about who did not get nominated, the selection of Academy Award nominees for 2016 is still impressive. This is yet another excellent well-crafted video montage from Vic Rincon, featuring this year's nominees for Best Costume Design. Sandy Powell will most likely win for Carol. Interesting fact; the three-time Oscar winner is the costume designer behind both front-runners, Carol and Cinderella.  While I hope Cinderella wins, I'm leaning more towards Carol. Either way it looks like Powell will go home a winner.  Have a look-see...
Be sure to tune in to ABC Sunday, February 28th 7e | 4p. And for a full list of Oscar nominees click here. Music, in this video, is Becoming Human by Ryan Taubert, and the nominees for Best Costume Design this year include: 
Jenny Beavan - Mad Max: Fury Road (her 10th nomination, 1 win)   
Paco Delgado - The Danish Girl (his 2nd nomination)
Jacqueline West - The Revenant (her 3rd nomination)
Sandy PowellCarol (11th nomination, 3 wins)
Sandy Powell - Cinderella

Who do you 'think' will take home the gold?  


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