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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

"Holy gorgeous Superman, Batman!!" The latest installment in the DC universe had me like “damn!” These two are my all-time favorite super-heroes, so a movie that pairs the two together is like a childhood dream come true! 

I wasn’t expecting to like this movie as much as I did. I had my reservations, and after seeing what Rotten Tomatoes gave it – a staggering 29% – I went in with low expectations. I thought if the movie blows at least I’ll have some gorgeous eye-candy to feast upon (here's looking at you, Henry). And while there is definitely enough eye-candy to feed a small country, the story-line is surprisingly satisfying. And even though I had my doubts with playing Batman, in the end, I felt he did a fine job as the Dark Knight.  

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t perfect (not by a long shot), but it’s also not nearly as bad as the critics make it out to be. I 'am' a little puzzled as to why it received such a low rating. We're taking two wildly popular and already developed stories and meshing them into one movie. With that said, there doesn't need to be major character development. It sets out to do what any movie sets out to do… entertain. Sure, the ending is a little messy, busy and rushed, but I was still actively engaged until the ending credits. 

It does an excellent job bridging the gap between its predecessor and this one. We begin our story at the end of Man of Steel, only this time it's seen through the eyes of Bruce Wayne. This is to show why Batman hates Superman - all he sees is the destruction and mayhem Superman is inflicting. Also, a senate committee is headed up to discuss the concerns of a society torn between the real need for a hero or not. This is fueled by a tragic incident in the desert where Superman saves Lois Lane (), which ultimately leads to several deaths. 

Affleck and Cavill work well together - both are certainly hunky enough for the beefcakes they portray. And having someone a little older playing Bruce Wayne is a clever ploy. (ahem, love him) is a welcome presence as a sarcastic, long-suffering Alfred, telling Bruce Wayne, “You’ve gotten too old to die young.” plays the strong-willed, heavy-hitting journalist perfectly, yet again. And even though Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, played by , isn't in the movie long, she completely shines and wows with effortless ease! She proves she can play with the big boys, if not better.  And aside from the 'delicious' shirtless Cavill scenes, Jesse Eisenberg is the one who steals the show. He plays a more menacing Lex Luthor than we're particularly used to. He's just the right amount of crazy without being too over-the-top. His performance is edgy and chilling - his witty, off-the-cuff, humorous quips are perfectly timed. 

Being a huge DC fan, I felt this movie followed the comics rather well, despite suffocating the source material a tad-bit too much. But in the end, Dawn of Justice delivers a huge, ambitious and action-packed Blockbuster. It's thrilling and exciting, it's fun and somewhat engaging. It definitely leaves enough loose ends to keep the franchise moving forward for years to come. I can not wait for Justice League!

What did you think? 


Dave said...

I concur with your review. It does what many movies fail to do - entertain. We don't care about your politics. We don't care about how many kids you've adopted. We want to be entertained. That's why we see movies. And while I doubt this movie will gain any Oscar love, it will go down as a great beginning to future movies in the DC universe.


Troy said...
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Go shawty! said...

Seems wonder women stuffs her bra.

Go shawty! said...

I was surprised by how entertained I was after I watched this movie. I went in with very low expectations. It was a good start to what will eventually be the only movies they will be showing. Seems Marvel and DC are printing money and these movies will become what reality TV shows are now.

Best line of the movie was "I thought she was with you".

My criticisms are I didn't like how "joker-like" Lex Luther was or how Batman didn't really fight Superman until the movie was nearly over. It was a very busy movie but I was glad I saw it.

Go shawty! said...


Chettra said...

B+, is right. I think there was an honest intention to make this movie great, but it didn't turn out the same way the majority of fan base envisioned it. If this movie was released before other Batman or other superhero movies then the rating would have been really high.

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