Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Finding Dory Trailer

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"I miss them. Do you know what that feels like?"
The wonderful world of Disney-Pixar has released their latest trailer for Finding Dory, the highly-anticipated sequel to the ever-so-charming Finding Nemo. Looks like everyone is back for round two, including as Marlin, and as Dory.  There are plenty of new characters too, like Idris Elba (swoon), Michael Sheen (love), Dominic West, Diane Keaton and Kaitlin Olson. They are still holding back the full story about what happens with Nemo/Marlin, which is wise. No need to show the whole movie before we actually see the whole movie. With that said, check this out. Enjoy!
We already know that the story is going to follow Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) and Marlin (Albert Brooks) on a journey to find the former forgetful fish's family. Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton have already been named as Dory's parents Charlie and Jenny. Pixar president Jim Morris also revealed that a big part of the film will take place at the Marine Biology Institute of California (love Cali.!), a huge rehabilitation complex for marine and aquarium life. Dory discovers that she was born and raised there, only to be released into the ocean when she was young. Finding Dory is directed by Pixar veteran , (Finding Nemo, Wall-E (my personal fav.), John Carter), and co-directed by . Finding Dory will hit theaters on June 7, 2016.

Are you excited?  


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