Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oscar Hangover - 2016

It was an unbelievable year for movies in 2015, arguably one of the greatest years in recent cinema.  And the Oscars remind us just how good Hollywood's output really was. I certainly look forward to the Oscars every year by throwing a fantastic party.  It's so fun to anticipate who will fight for the gold and win. Despite the arguments, debates, and discussion about who did not get nominated, the selection of Academy Award nominees for 2016 was quite impressive. 
I knew with all the controversy surrounding the "lack of diversity" there would be a few jokes and jabs, and while I thought it was appropriate and funny to address the issue in the beginning, I did find it kind of annoying how they dragged it out throughout the entire show. Chris Rock's opening monologue was funny and spot on, but that's where it should have ended. We get it! And moreover, the Oscars aren't the ones the blame here. This is an award show showcasing the movies over the past year. What's done is done. The blame should fall on the movie producers, directors and studios. 
While I didn't think Chis "ROCKED" it, I did think he was OK. It certainly wasn't the best Oscars I've seen #SethMacFarlane. The pacing was a little off and the mix of awkward moments were painful - ahem, Stacey Dash anyone? I did appreciate the surprises though - Best Picture, Best Costume, Best Song, Best Visual Effects. This was definitely the first year in a long while that shocked and surprised. Louis C.K. was incredibly funny. Dave Grohl's Blackbird cover song during the In Memoriam was beautiful and touching. But when it's all said and done nothing else matters more than your dreams coming true. Leo finally wins his well deserved Oscar and with a standing ovation no less. It officially became National Celebrate Leo Day
For those who voted for Spotlight I applaud you. Sadly I was not one of them (and I now have to take my friend out to dinner because of it). I thought 'for sure' The Big Short would take the gold. I 'did' think Spotlight was the better story, but I feel Big Short was filmed better/more creative. 

For all those who thought Sylveter Stallone would take the gold... HA!!  No disrespect to Rocky, but to me, I felt that was a very dialed-in performance and was shocked he even got a nom.  I was happy from Bridge of Spies won Best Supporting Actor, I was ecstatic Alicia Vikander won Best Supporting Actress for The Danish GirlI utterly adore her.  And I was thrilled and quite surprised Ex Machina won for Best Visual Effects too!

On to the fashion... Whether they are fiascoes or pieces of unbridled brilliance, the gowns are always noteworthy. Sure, the Oscars are meant for honoring the greatest achievements in film, and while it does exactly that, every fashionista knows it's all about the dresses. The fashion on this night is just as important and fun as the movies themselves. Gorgeous, couture gowns coming in left and right. Here are my picks for Best Dressed.

~Best In Show~
It's probably impossible for the Quantico starlet,  to ever look bad, right.  She stunned in this form fitting, white ornate Zuhair Murad gown.  Paired with the gunmetal belt it adds a touch of edginess that brings the whole look together, and is straight up perfection and with effortless ease. 

Runners Up (from left to right) ...
From Christian Dior (Charlize Theron, Rooney Mara) to Calvin Klein () to Tom Ford (Margot Robbie) these gorgeous women brought some dazzling and daring drama to the mix.  Their glamour and fierce style is to die for.  Every look is done to perfectionAll five of these bombshells ruled the red carpet.  Bow down

Best After Party Gown...
Kate Hudson shined at the Vanity Fair after party in this shimmery, Greek Goddess Maria Lucia Hohan gown. I'm obsessed with this edgy, sleek and sexy look. Love the high slit, love the fun cutouts.  Get it girl!
What moments did you love (or hate) at last nights Oscars?  Who would you like to host next year?  Which gown made your top favorite?  


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