Monday, July 25, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Review

This movie boldly goes where... we have of course gone before, but who cares! The third installment of the Star Trek reboot may not go above and beyond the greatness, but fans will still find ’s sequel a glorious return to the Enterprise. And while it 'is' my least favorite in the trekkie series, this auctioned-packed space opera is still a sexy, funny, thrilling rock-n-roll version of the 1960’s television series. It returns to the franchise’s altruistic values adding style, humor and one killer villain, thanks to the lovable – one of the dopest, most handsomest actors on the planet. 

As the USS Enterprise continues to explore the furthest depths of uncharted space they encounter a ruthless enemy, a reptilian named Krall (Elba). The crew is soon stranded on the alien planet where they are befriended by Jaylah (), a vengeful, rebel warrior who has taken up residence inside a shipwrecked, century-old Federation vessel. 

Star Trek Beyond beamed in more than $89.2M opening weekend (worldwide). And even though this amount is surprisingly low for a movie of this stature, it has lasting power and is bound to roll in even more money as the weeks ensue. Seeing this film on the gigantic IMAX screen was absolutely exhilarating, and worth the extra few bucks, but do you need to see it in 3D? The correct answer is nope. Alas, this popcorn flick has a lot going for it - it's full of life, wit, intense thrills, plus it holds some of the most stunning visuals around. I feel fans of the series will embrace the movie, while others will simply enjoy all the fireworks and special effects.

Beyond is definitely entertaining, but basically it's an adventure movie that leaves little time for character development, as it races from one set piece sequence to another. I was a little disappointed with the under-utilization of the substantial talents of Idris Elba as our main bad guy. Hidden under layers of prosthetics, Krall is a one-dimensional villain, whose exterior masks a distressed individual who radiates hatred for the Federation. And, sadly, when his motives are revealed, they are somewhat uncertain and it's definitely anticlimactic. However, when all is said and done, if you’re a fan of the Star Trek universe on any level this sequel will not disappoint.  It's fun and exciting on so many levels. 
Rating: B-

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