Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'Space Story - A Bad Day' Movie Mashup

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This is pretty dope, yo! Editor and filmmaker Luc Bergeron, also known as Zapatou, released this rad movie mashup over the summer, featuring scenes from some of the coolest space movies ever. They are meshed together to tell a 5-minute story. It's pretty amusing, especially once things get going. The video includes footage from pretty much every great sci-fi/space movie ever made - from Star Wars to The Fifth Element to 2001: A Space Odyssey to Apollo 13 to Moon to Armageddon to Avatar to Guardians of the Galaxy to Alien, and many more. Enjoy! 
Zapatou writes: "Here is my new Mashup. 25 movies in 4 minutes. The action starts at 1.40, but you have to watch the start for understanding story." For more from Zapatou, follow him on Twitter. The video features music composed by Ivan Torrent, with the track "Wars Of Faith" by Audiomachine. For more info on the short and the list of all the sci-fi films referenced, visit the  YouTube page.


Teresa said...

That's awesome!

Joan said...

I'm sure you really enjoyed putting that together, but I wasn't that impressed. I guess sci-fi isn't my bag.
Enjoy your day:)

Matt said...

That was fantastic.

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