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Top Ten Best & Worst Movies - 2016

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The best of the best & worst of the worst are here at last! 2016 was a slightly different year than most, as I didn't see a lot of horrible movies, but then again, I also didn't see a ton of stellar movies either. So I was really reaching when it came to forming these lists.  And then there are the movies I sadly didn't view in time - Collateral Beauty, Passengers, Lion, Ghostbusters, Fences, Pete's Dragon, Everybody Wants Some!!, The Conjuring 2, Independence Day: Resurgence, Moana, Manchester by the Sea, Captain Fantastic, and The Edge of Seventeen. As you can see I missed a lot (ahem, or not). Who knows what these lists would have looked like if I had seen them all. With that said, here are my top picks. Enjoy!


10. Suicide Squad
It's a shame Warner Bros. throws too much attention on making their movies look cool instead of investing in decent plots.  

9. Bad Moms
It's a complete eye-roller with an extremely thin script. It just wasn't clever enough to overlook its over-the-top vulgarity.  #Basic 

8. Nerve
It's just not stylish enough to be a decent film and it’s not cool enough to distract us.  

7. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 
One word, cluttered.  It's too much, Warner Bros. Stahp! Tone it down, bruh.  Two words, sexy Cavill.  The. End.

6. Hush 
This plot had no where to go.  Lack of depth with little intrigue. I mean we all knew how this was going to end anyway. No? You're right, who cares. 

5. Allegiant 
Did the studio-heads even read this book?! They completely changed the ending! I guess with a slew of dystopian, sci-fi cliches they were too busy to care. 

4. Money Monster 
The worst part about this lame crime thriller is the shame of how cool it thinks it really is. Sort of like the class dork posing as the class clown. 

Great premise, minor thrills, but in the end  you just wanted to die. #ICK

2. The Forest 
Rest assured your last camping trip had more thrills, twists and turns than this wannabe. #BringABook

1. Zoolander 2 
This painful sequel focused way too much on starlet cameos  that they completely forgot to insert a plot. By the end you really DO feel like you're taking crazy pills.


10. Deepwater Horizon
This movie actually surprised me. It's an eye opener to the real hero's behind this BP devastation. It's a slow build in the beginning but the tension soon rises and ultimately hooks you in. I really enjoyed it!

Best line: "My wife's name is Felicia and my daughter's Sydney and I will see them again. Do you understand me?"  

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane
Between all the dilated crap and reboots, this flick is proof Hollywood can still surprise us. It does an excellent job keeping you on the edge of your seat with loads of suspense.

Best line: "People are strange creatures. You can't always convince them that safety is in their best interest."

8. 13 Hours
Another true story that surprised me last year was 13 hours. Mostly because it's  a movie... WHAT?! But aside from that, it does a superb job chronicling what happened that night and proves can lead a great action/drama.

Best line: "Payback's a bitch and her stripper name is Karma."

7. Midnight Special
This sci-fi flick flew under the radar and I don't know why exactly. The unique plot unfolds so beautifully and does an excellent job keeping you intrigued until the very end. It's definitely an engaging story about family and what one would sacrifice for them.

Best line: "Is it too much to ask you to punch me in the face? No? Never mind."

6. Zootopia
This charming animation excels on so many levels and it most-def stands with the finest of the Disney classics. The underlining messages are so tender and sweet. It's modest with good old fashion storytelling. I also have a sneaky suspicion it will take the Oscar for Best Animation as well.

Best line: "Life's a little bit messy. We all make mistakes. No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you."

5. Hidden Figures 
It's easy to see why this flick was nominated for Best Picture. This historic true story is a wonderful blend of Apollo 13 and The Help.  The assertion of humanity and civil rights is pure cinematic nourishment for soul. 

Best line: "Well, I don't own pearls. Lord knows you don't pay the colored enough to afford pearls!"

While I think this film is a tad overrated, I still fully enjoyed it! I thought this musical was entertaining and vibrant. It's light and extremely fun. It holds a beautiful mix of great acting and explosive musical numbers.  La La Land will leave you feeling refreshed and giddy about Hollywood.

Best line: "This is the dream! It's conflict and it's compromise, and it's very, very exciting!"

3. Nocturnal Animals 
This psychological thriller reveals director can play with the big boys.  It's dark and twisted, it's edgy, and it's incredibly gripping with mad intrigue. This well-wrought film explores penetrating questions and has an unbelievably poetic ending. 
Best line: "Do you ever feel like your life is turning into something you never intended?"  

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
This highly intense, space-opera, that pairs good vs. evil, is beyond a well-crafted Star Wars spin-off. It spins Star Wars into a whole new orbit. It has plenty of fantastic nuances that bring back fond memories of the original.  And it has to be said, that ending scene is probably thee best scene in SW history!! #AMIRIGHT

Best line: "Do you want to know the odds of her using that blaster on you? It's high. It's very high."

One of the few movies worth seeing in 3D, Doctor Strange delivers with thunderous applause! It captures some of the most impressive visual effects ever, mingled with head-spinning mythology. This Marvel crowd-pleaser will not disappoint! It's surprisingly soulful, funny and engaging. Seriously, movies don't get any more fun than this! So it's easy to see why it snags the #1 spot on my list.

Best line: "Your work saved the lives of thousands. What if I told you that reality is one of many?"

While I wasn't particularly super impressed with what 2016 had to offer, I still had a blast at the movies! I'm excited to see how 2017 unfolds.  The floor is now yours! Did your favorite movie of the year make the list? Something I missed? Let me know what your Best and Worst movies of 2016 were in the comment section below.


Go shawty! said...

I have seen most of these movies and I would agree with you here. 2015 had more to offer.

Natalee Pearl said...

I completely agree with your honorable mentions. I didn't however agree with your dishonorable mentions. I see what you're saying, but I loved nerve and suicide squad. Great blog post though. Loved it all!

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