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Trailer Park - 2016

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A big part of Hollywood film is the build-up that drives anticipation, which is why it is a common practice to release trailers for trailers these days. Over the years movie trailers have become their own magnificent works of art, reaching new heights and bounds of excellence. Trailers are a huge deal - their popularity is really only second to the movies themselves. Some might even say trailers are better than the real McCoy (ahem, Suicide Squad, anyone?). And, of course, there are trailers that are simply the tip of the iceberg of stellar things to come. 

So what makes a trailer great? Great trailers "tease" without revealing too much. They build excitement for the movie while giving the audience an alluring taste of the final product, and they always leave you wanting more. Here are some key ingredients for a great trailer:
1. The two minute mark. Trailers now-a-days can give WAY too much upfront. If by the end you feel you saw the whole movie then what's the point in actually seeing the whole movie? Keep it tight, keep it simple. Less is more. (We're looking at you, Fast & Furious 8)
2. The set up. Too often trailers give us too much information regarding the plot or not enough. Successful trailers find that sweet spot right in between.
3. Introduction. If you have a star studded cast, it's easy to get wrapped up in giving everyone face time. Instead, great trailers focus on two or thee characters that will get the audience excited.
4. Music. Music is crucial! Music evokes emotion and emotion drives movement. If the music genuinely reflects the mood of the movie, you’re golden.
5. Capture the mood. Great trailers focus on emotion instead of just plot points. It gets the audience excited to enter whatever world they're trying to sell you.     

With a plethora of excellent trailers to choose from this year, it was a difficult task to pick just ten. However, I feel confident with my selection. In no particular order, here are my Top Ten Best Movie Trailers of 2016Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions:
Dunkirk (trailer 1)
The Legend of Tarzan (trailer 1)
A Monster Calls (trailer 1)
The Huntsman: Winter War (trailer 2)
Justice League (trailer 1)

Life (trailer 2)

Sure, this plot appears a little been-there-done-that, but from a marketing perspective and as a stand alone work of art, this has everything you could want from a trailer - space, aliens, danger, friendship, intrigue. Threading JFK's 1962 speech - "We choose to go to the moon" - throughout was a fantastic touch. It adds a realistic vibe to it.
Release Date: March 24th 

Wonder Woman (trailer 2)

Wonder. Courage. Power.  I "wonder" if this movie will be as good as it looks? Aside from the super-duper slow-mo bullet flying scenes it looks pretty stellar.  I love how they added a strong sense of humor in the mix as well. It feels exotic and exciting. The killer WW theme music at the end is a nice little awesome morsel.  Can't wait!
Release Date: June 2nd

Suicide Squad (trailer 2)

Put aside what you remember from the movie (ahem, or don't remember because you blocked it out), and just look at this trailer on its own. This is one well-crafted, souped-up, action-packed, phenomenal work of art.  It's exciting, mysterious, funny, mixed with some dope action sequences... all backed by some serious awesome tunage.  Definitely one of my all time favorite trailers to date!
Release Date: Currently on Blu-Ray/DVD

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (trailer 2)

You had me at hello. But did we really need a trailer to sell this flick? I mean s'rsly, the main purpose of a trailer is to hook you in and get you to say "Yeah, I'd see that."  They literally could have shown us a black screen accompanied with the Star Wars theme music and we'd still go see this movie... twice.  I loved how this trailer builds - it's hauntingly seductive, it's mysterious, alluring even, and then BAM! Vader?!!  Gotta love the iconic film score too.  SOLD.
Release Date: Currently in theaters

Beauty and the Beast (trailer 1)

A tale as old as time breaths new life into a favorite Disney classic. This magically whimsical trailer has it all, down to the set designs, costumes and casting. Everything about this trailer screams magnificent. We have the trailer's soundtrack to thank for that. Nothing moves this trailer along as much as the impactful, heart-warming music.  I got chills... they're multiplying.
Release Date: March 17th

La La Land (trailer 1)

I love how fresh this trailer feels.  It's fun, it's bright and it's certainly different from anything we've seen in a long while. I adore the old Hollywood glam-vibes throughout this trailer.  The eye-popping, vibrant colors, matched with the incredible catchy, fast-paced music is why this trailer is an absolute gem.
Release Date: Currently in theaters  

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (trailer 2)

"I am Groooooot!"  More like I am fully impressed! It's not too difficult to sell us on this odd looking crew of misfits, but just when you thought it couldn't get any better this trailer hits the scene. Marvel wins on all accounts.  This killer trailer has it all, but baby Groot is the real treasure here - too adorable for words. I can't even right now. 
Release Date: May 5th

The Neon Demon (trailer 2)

This provocative trailer is stylized to perfection. It starts off slow and gradually builds to a heart-pounding roar. I love the slinky feel to this entire trailer. It definitely intrigues, yet keeps you guessing. Those who cry it's shallow and ugly won't be wrong, but others will love it for those very reasons. 
Release Date: Currently on Amazon Prime/RedBox   

A Cure for Wellness (trailer 2)

This trailer is a bucket full of WTH's, fasho.  Dane DeHaan reading his bosses letter at the beginning, mixed in with heart-pounding, pulsating music fully captures the mood, and sets the stage of horrors to come. I love the filter they used, it almost feels like a live-action oil painting.  It's dark, eery and mysterious. I'm intrigued.
Release Date: February 17th

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
(trailer 1)

I love the look and feel of this entire trailer!  It's PURE Guy Rickie.  It opens on an awesome action beat, with characters running and screaming, and that energy never really descends from that high.  I love the whole cast as well - specifically Charlie Hunnam - but the action, set pieces and choreography steal the focus.  By the end of the trailer you are definitely screaming for more.  Well done.   
Release Date: May 12th

Trailer editing is very much a work of art. The end product can motivate, captivate and generate major buzz-feed. Outside of the movie itself, was there a particular trailer in 2016 that you remember being wicked-awesome?  Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below...


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