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Trailer Park - 2017

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A big part of Hollywood film is the build-up, which is why it is a common practice to release trailers for trailers these days. Over the years movie trailers have become their own magnificent works of art, reaching new heights and bounds of excellence. Trailers are a huge deal - their popularity is really only second to the movies themselves. Some might even say trailers are better than the real McCoy. And, of course, there are those that are simply the tip of the iceberg. 

So what makes a trailer great? Great trailers "tease" without revealing too much. They build excitement for the movie while giving the audience an alluring taste of the final product. And they always leave you wanting more.

Below are some key ingredients for a great trailer:
1. The two minute mark. Trailers now-a-days can give WAY too much upfront. If by the end you feel you saw the whole movie then what's the point in actually seeing the whole movie? Keep it tight, keep it simple. Less is more. (We're looking at you, The Fate of the Furious) 
2. The set up. Too often trailers give us too much information regarding the plot or not enough. Successful trailers find that sweet spot right in between. 
3. Introduction. If you have a star studded cast, it's easy to get wrapped up in giving everyone face time. Instead, great trailers focus on two or thee characters that will get the audience excited. 
4. Music. Music is crucial! Music evokes emotion and emotion drives movement. If the music genuinely reflects the mood of the movie, you’re golden. 
5. Capture the mood. Great trailers focus on emotion instead of just plot points. It gets the audience excited to enter whatever world they're trying to sell you. 

With a plethora of excellent trailers to choose from it was difficult to pick just ten. However, I feel confident with my selection. In no particular order I give you my Top Ten Best Movie Trailers of 2017.

Honorable Mentions:
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (trailer 1)
The Shape of Water (trailer 1)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (trailer 2)
Black Panther (trailer 2)

Atomic Blonde (trailer 2)
Hailing from one of the best decades of all time, this trailer has it all. Strong female lead, check. Sex, check. Action, check. Fashion, check. Comedic timing, check. Swaggering movie-star attitude, double check. If Mad Max: Fury Road didn't convince you that is a bonafide action star this flick most certainly will. Love. Love. Love.  The soundtrack alone is worth seeing it for. I dig it.

IT (trailer 1)
This little shop of horrors is a masterpiece of cinematic fright. I love how it broke YouTube viewing records as well. Not only was IT the best horror flick of 2017, but this is one of thee very best trailers of 2017 to boot. In just over two minutes it manages to delight us with superb storytelling from beginning to end. It's brilliant on all accounts.  It's eerie in tone and subject, with perfect hair-raising music that leaps the audience into a terrifying fun-house, baiting us to see the full movie.  Seriously, this is one of the best trailers ever made. Bravo!

Beauty and the Beast (trailer 3)
The final U.S. trailer for Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast is easily the best one yet.  A "tale as old as time" that we love so much, whirls us back to a familiar story with  high energy, wrought with emotion. One can't help but feel giddy after seeing this trailer.  It's majestic, it's magical, it's delightful. We know this story. We love this story. And this looks and sounds like the beautiful story we want.

Alien: Covenant (red-band trailer 1)
Too often Hollywood releases a trailer that spells out the entire film. You can pretty much guess every twist and turn here, but all things aside, there’s something extremely captivating about this trailer. It's dark, it's creepy and grabs your attention immediately with 's trademark disturbing monsters. Muting most of the dialogue in place of the moody remake of 'Nature Boy' is a stroke of genius. It gives it an element of romance even I wasn't going to consider seeing  this movie, but after the trailer dropped, it had me doubting my "no way" notions.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (trailer 2)
You know why this trailer is so good?  Because you've seen it about five bazillion times. But did we really need a trailer to sell this flick? I mean s'rsly, the main purpose of a trailer is to hook you to get you to say "Yeah, I'd see that." They literally could have shown us a black screen with scribbles, accompanied with Star Wars music and we'd still go see this movie... twice. Oh, but the story, the imagery, the music, the oldie-but-goodie actors, the intensity of this entire trailer is what makes this shine so incredibly well. #IDIE

Thor: Ragnarok (trailer 1)
I'm loving the 80's vibe throughout this trailer so, so much! Thor’s reaction to seeing his old friend is pure comedic perfection. Even without the now iconic “he’s a friend from work!” climax, this trailer would still boast one of the best trailers of the year, showcasing the destruction his home at the hands of Hela, Jeff Goldblum’s delightfully weird Grandmaster, and the thundering rhythms of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” Disney/Marvel can't be stopped!

Dunkirk (trailer 2)
What makes this trailer stand out from the rest is the gorgeous imagery, huge dramatic set pieces, and a somber, steady focus of the characters at the center of it all. Whatever the reason, it's great to get hyped for a Christopher Nolan film. That ticking time-clock throughout this entire trailer is perfection!  This trailer captivates like no other. One of the purest cinematic delights of 2017. 

Blade Runner 2049 (trailer 1)
I'm not the biggest fan of sequels done some 30 years later, especially when it seems like it was only made to fill the canteen of die-hards. But all things aside, it's hard not to fall in love with the craftsmanship of this trailer.  The vibrant colors, the blaring music and visuals are absolutely stunning. Whatever you might think of the movie this stand alone trailer is one gorgeous piece of art.  It's rich and seductive. It's  like watching an oil painting burst to life. But above all, it feels dutifully reverent to the original.

Tomb Raider (trailer 1)
Mystery and adventure made the first trailer for  's Tomb Raider an all out action-packed show-stopper.  Love the high intensity, the heavy beats mixed the smooth rhythmic tone throughout. It's all backed by the famous strong, badass female that we all know as Laura Croft. From beginning to end, this two minute plus trailer has you begging for more.  Well done.
Release date: March 16th

Quiet Place (trailer 1)
One of my favorite celebrity couples is finally starring in their first film together where they actually play husband and wife. But warning, this isn't a romance.  This trailer is a prime example of less is more. At first you don't know what is going on, but as time ticks on you discover there's so much more beneath the surface. It does a superb job baiting us, calling out to us to see this flick. I love how it gradually builds to a rip-roaring climax. It begs the question on everyone's mind, "who the heck are these monsters?!"
Release date: April 6th

Trailer editing is very much a work of art and when done right it's a thing a beauty! The end product can motivate, captivate and generate major buzz-feed. Was there a particular trailer in 2017 that you remember being wickedly-awesome? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below...


Go shawty! said...

I gotta say the best of the above listed was Dunkirk. I couldn't wait to see that movie after I saw the trailer. I am very much looking forward to A Quiet Place tho.

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