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Trailer Park - 2018

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A big part of Hollywood film is the build-up, which is why it is a common practice to release trailers for trailers these days. Over the years movie trailers have become their own magnificent works of art, reaching new heights and bounds of excellence. Trailers are a huge deal - their popularity is really only second to the movies themselves. Some might even say trailers are better than the real McCoy. And, of course, there are those that are simply the tip of the iceberg.

So what makes a trailer great? Great trailers "tease" without revealing too much. They build excitement for the movie while giving the audience an alluring taste of the final product. And they always leave you wanting more. 

Below are some key ingredients for a great trailer: 
1. The two minute mark. Trailers now-a-days can give WAY too much upfront. If by the end you feel you saw the whole movie then what's the point in actually seeing the whole movie? Keep it tight, keep it simple. Less is more.
2. The set up. Too often trailers give us too much information regarding the plot or not enough. Successful trailers find that sweet spot right in between. 
3. Introduction. If you have a star studded cast, it's easy to get wrapped up in giving everyone face time. Instead, great trailers focus on two or thee characters that will get the audience excited. 
4. Music. Music is crucial! Music evokes emotion and emotion drives movement. If the music genuinely reflects the mood of the movie, you’re golden. 
5. Capture the mood. Great trailers focus on emotion instead of just plot points. It gets the audience excited to enter whatever world they're trying to sell you. 

With that said and in no particular order I give you my Top Ten Best Movie Trailers of 2018.

Honorable Mention:
A Star Is Born
The Lion King
First Man

Ready Player One (Trailer 2)
If there's anything we take away from this trailer it’s that nothing exceeds like pure imagination. Using popular music is pretty commonplace when cutting trailers now-a-days, and no trailer last year excelled more than adding the remake of "Pure Imagination” by Bryan Nguyen (feat. Merethe Sotvedt) to the dreamy, insane tone of the trailer. It's beautiful, exciting and captivating. Brilliant!  

Bohemian Rhapsody (trailer 1)
I mean, C'MON!  One can't deny the pure genius behind one of the most explosive trailers of 2018. It's handcrafted to perfection! It has it all - action, intrigue, excitement and boldness. And one can't have a trailer about one of the greatest bands ever without sprinkling Queen tunage in the mix.  The songs were perfectly matched to every beat. We will Rock You!

The Girl in the Spider's Web (trailer 1) 
Sure, the movie was less than stellar, but as a stand alone work of art, this trailer flies off the charts. It does a superb job grabbing your attention right off the cuff, which is the sole purpose of a good trailer. It's dark, it's moody, it has edge and lastly it's extremely hypnotic in every way that counts. Perfection!

Dumbo (trailer 1) 
Dumbo was always one of the most heartbreaking stories of the Disney classics.  And this remake, directed by Tim Burton, is ready to pull those heartstrings once again when one of the most innocent & sweetest characters in cinema flies onto the silver screen via live-action. This trailer is visually stunning, but it's the emotional punch it packs that hits home. The enchanting story and music are both phenomenal.  I cannot wait to own the soundtrack! And I'm super-duper escited to see the movie!
Release Date: March 29th

Won't You Be My Neighbor? (trailer 1)
This trailer explores the late Rogers’ life in a deeply meaningful way, one that goes behind the TV personality that kids and adults everywhere have come to know and love. The music masterfully matched the tone of the trailer so beautifully one can't help but feel uplifted afterwards. And hopefully, this movie will inspire a new generation of neighbors to be a little kinder to one another.

White Boy Rick (trailer 1)
  There is something totally cool about this trailer, and it has everything to do with the music, the era (I'm obsessed with the 80's), the stylings, and of course the gritty story, all of which intrigue us to the max. While the film portrays itself as a Matthew McConaughey-starrer, the main character is actually played by Richie Merritt. This actor came out of nowhere.  Not too shabby for your first film debut! I wasn't the biggest fan of the movie itslef, but this trailer kills it!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (trailer 1)
This trailer unleashes monstrous proportions of excitement! What's so remarkable about it is how beautiful the story unfolds - downplaying the massive creature in favor of an intense monologue... #brilliant  In voice over we hear Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) offer up reasons for earths destruction, all backed by Clare De Loon.  In fact, this duo is precisely why this trailer makes the list. It is absolutely mesmerizing! Plus, I'll see anything Eleven is in. #amiright This movie is going to be huge! "Long live the King."
Release Date: May 31st

Mission: Impossible - Fallout (trailer 1)
It's never wise to underestimate the stylings of Tom Cruise.  Say what you will about the guy, he sure knows how to deliver a superb action flick.  This trailer is an absolute marvel! It stokes up a sense of jaw-dropping next-level action sequences that have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The crisp film-editing and matching blows from that bathroom fight scene, set to the beat of Imagine Dragons’ Friction, is a master-stroke. And extra points to Henry Cavill for dramatically reloading his bicep guns.  Um, yes please!

Shazam! (trailer 1)
It's no secret things around DC haven't always been the greatest.  However, post Wonder Woman and Aquaman things are slowly looking up.  Case and point - Shazam!  Basically, this story finds the middle-ground between the grown-up wish-fulfillment of Big and the teenage superhero of Spider-Man.  This trailer shines with pops of witty banter, fun visuals, and what looks to be a delightful central performance by  the gorgeous Zachary Levi. Also, I'll see anything Jack Dylan Grazer is in.  Needless to say, I'm excited for this popcorn flick to shine on the big screen!
Release Date: April 5th 

Bad Times at the El Royale (trailer 1)
Right from its opening needle-drop to the tune of the Motown hit ‘This Old Heart Of Mine’, the first trailer for Drew Goddard's mystery is stylized beautifully.  This thriller is both promising, vibrant yet playful. The spot-on retro set design, the dreamy cast of shadowy customers, and the tantalizing teases circling the creepy hotel is exactly why this insane trailer made the cut.  Tell me you're not intrigued. 

Trailer editing is very much a work of art and when done right it's a thing a beauty! The end product can motivate, captivate and generate major buzz-feed. Was there a particular trailer in 2018 that you remember being wicked-awesome? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below.


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